Because Life Is Sacred

A Fellowship of Individuals Dedicated to Reducing Gun Violence

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 "Congressional Cowardice Correction Act"

Recognizing that it is immoral and hypocritical to place constituents at greater danger to gun violence than we place ourselves, Congress hereby orders the removal of all firearms detection devices in all Congressional buildings and allows both concealed and open carry of firearms until such time as Congress successfully enacts legislation that would reasonably be expected to make America a country with one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the world. 

"Evidence-Based Gun Legislation Policy Act"

Recognizing that it is the findings of scientific research, as rooted in Public Health Epidemiological Findings, that are most likely to result in policy decisions that will rapidly decrease the rate of gun violence in the United States and that gun violence is a social disease,  a 5% tax will be collected on all FFL transactions whose sole purpose is to be directed towards research, as administered through the Centers for Disease Control, to reduce gun violence. Be it further enacted that, no gun violence-related statute may be passed that would not be expected to further reduce gun violence without labeling said act as one "Specifically expected to harm the public".