Because Life Is Sacred

A Fellowship of Individuals Dedicated to Reducing Gun Violence

Why are we protesting at Celgene?

We know that Celgene is doing important, lifesaving work for people fighting cancer, but we also know that they have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Congressmen Lance, Freylinghuysen, and MacArthur. These Congressmen are firmly in the jaws on the National Rifle Association and have consistently supported NRA positions that are completely opposed to the evidence-based policy solutions that have lowered gun violence in other countries.

By supporting these politicians, Celgene is getting children shot when they visit a friend's home with unlocked guns, wives and girlfriends shot when an abusive partner flies into a rage, passersby shot when gang violence erupts in our cities, and any of us shot when a terrorist buys a gun off the Internet or at gun shows. 

​There is no end to the lies that the NRA and their backers in the gun industry will tell because, at the end of the day, they are in the business of making cold cash by pumping hot lead into warm bodies.

Gun violence in America is a Public Health problem, one that lends itself to evidence-based solutions, just as the quest to cure cancer at Celgene is based on evidence-based solutions—not wishes, not hopes, and not slogans.

Join us by signing our petition on Change.Org, protesting with us, and telling Celgene that they have a duty to protect ALL Americans, not just those of us fighting cancer.