Because Life Is Sacred

A Fellowship of Individuals Dedicated to Reducing Gun Violence

Search your heart and gather data. See if you can agree with the basic points in the BLIS Platform that there must be legislation guaranteeing the following for all guns/gun owners:

Licensing, registration, training, safe storage, verification of “fitness to possess”, malpractice insurance, a misery tax on ammunition, and annual continuing education including range training

If you agree with us, we recommend the following action steps:

1. Because politicians do what gets them elected and keeps them in office: never ever vote for a politician who doesn’t support sweeping gun control legislation.

2. Always pick the politician with the most favorable anti-gun violence agenda and ask them to support all components of the BLIS Platform.

3. Can’t get onboard with every item on the BLIS Platform? Call candidates and tell them what changes you need for them to make in their gun legislation agenda to get your vote. Tell them that YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM if they won’t support these measures.

4. DON’T VOTE for any candidate who doesn’t endorse the minimum anti-gun violence legislation that you support, but do tell everyone you know why you didn’t vote in a political race. The goal is to lose a few races to wake up candidates to the need for sweeping change.

5. Engage everyone you know around our cultural delusions about guns: how they do not keep us safer, how they empower criminals, terrorists, and the mentally unstable.

6. Never silently break bread or socialize with those who refuse to support sweeping anti-gun violence legislation without explaining your position to them, unless you feel that you would be endangering your life.

7. Let those opposed to sweeping gun legislation sit home alone on holidays—let ostracism from family and friends be the cost of their position. Remember, they aren't just family or friends, they are a causative factor in our culture of gun misery and they refuse to be accountable for their behavior.

8. Remind anyone touting the 2nd Amendment that the Founding Fathers also got it wrong on slavery and confirm that the Founding Fathers made mistakes or that the Founding Fathers were perfect and that the gun rights advocate wants slavery reinstated.

9. Save your breath—it is generally a waste of time to talk with gun rights advocates unless they lay out reasonable conditions for being proven wrong. Ask “What data would you need to accept that you are wrong about this?”