Because Life Is Sacred

A Fellowship of Individuals Dedicated to Reducing Gun Violence

Our Platform

Our Platform

1. We accept the provision of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that a well-regulated militia needs guns and that a well-regulated militia operates according to the principles embodied in this platform.

2. All gun owners must be licensed to own guns and that gun ownership is subject to several requirements:

a. Gun owners must prove a “fitness to possess” a firearm. This fitness includes but is not limited to basic psychological and psychopathy testing, freedom from current mental illness, and freedom from prohibitive physical limitations.

b. Gun owners must have gun range training as well as classroom training covering basic gun safety,  gun violence reduction strategies in emergent situations, maintenance of guns, and safe storage of guns

c. Gun owners must undergo a homestudy by a federal firearms licensed (FFL) dealer to evidence their having created an approved safe-storage system for their guns.

d. Gun owners must earn annual gun range shooting practice and annual gun safety training continuing education credits.

3. All new gun legislation must be designed to prevent foreseeable gun violence as evidenced by previous incidents of gun violence.

4. All gun and ammunition sales to occur only at FFL gun stores, thus banning all gun shows. All private sales and transfers of guns (including gifted and inherited guns) are to occur only through FFLs acting as an agent to ensure compliance with all gun laws and insurance requirements.

5. A “Misery Tax” is to be enacted on the sale of ammunition to cover the cost of all gun-related violence including medical costs, survivor benefits, etc. These costs currently fall on taxpayers and insurance companies, a transfer of cost responsibility by those who possess guns onto those who do not possess guns. Ammunition fired at certified gun ranges is exempted.

6. Possession, distribution, or intent to possess or distribute an automatic weapon or a magazine holding more than 10 rounds is a felony.

7. No gun ownership prior to age 21 (use and training under parental supervision is exempted).

8. All guns must be insured against the liability that they will be used to cause harm to others—this is malpractice insurance. Rates for such insurance will be determined by insurance underwriters.

9. Persons convicted of a crime involving violence must have their malpractice insurance rates reset.

10. All laws and executive orders banning research on gun violence must be overturned. At least 5% of the funds collected through the misery tax must be spent on federally-funded research to eliminate gun violence.

11. "Congressional Cowardice Correction Act" background information. It is immoral to be a lawmaker and not provide the same protection against gun violence to all Americans that such persons avail themselves of. Therefore, Until such time as our platform is enacted, we demand that the legislative branch of government avail itself of no more protection from gun violence than they provide to all Americans. Instances would include the elimination of weapons screening and any bans more strict on either concealed or open carrying of guns in legislative buildings than the public endures walking down the street of any crime ridden area.