Do you also believe that life is sacred?

Then stand with us against cowardly law makers, out-of-touch judges, irresponsible gun manufacturers, misguided but well-meaning gun owners, and the behaviorally unfit who are responsible for tens of thousands of acts of gun violence each year.

Not passing laws to end gun violence makes lawmakers accessories before the fact to all acts of gun violence.

Because there are no rights without responsibilities…

We require that the federal government enact legislation to fully realize our manifesto of hope, safety, and civility for the sake of all Americans.

Our Mission 

To create an environment of non-violent civil disruption in which passing our platform into law becomes politically expedient and opposing it places one squarely in the ash heap of history


When governments fail, people must act

It is immoral for lawmakers to avail themselves of more protection from guns than they provide to all Americans

A Fellowship of Individuals Dedicated to Reducing Gun Violence

Because Life Is Sacred